Bridgetown Motor Inn | Calendar of Events
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Calendar of Events

Annapolis Valley Calendar of Events

We love to celebrate our Annapolis Valley heritage with Fun Events for our local community, our neighbours and visitors. From festivals and exhibitions to holiday celebrations, Annapolis Royal is a unique and exciting place to spend your vacation.  Check out some of our local events below and schedule your stay at Bridgetown Motor Inn to coordinate with your favorite event.

Bridgetown Ciderfest

In celebration of our Annapolis Valley apple harvest, our annual Bridgetown’s Ciderfest marks four days of food, fun and frolic every mid-September. The Ciderfest is a great time to try out homemade apple cider, delicious apple pies and apple crisp.

Bridgetown Triathlon

A test to see what you are made of, the Bridgetown Triathlon is two days of fun starting August 2. Day one features our ‘Kids of Steel’ event, a chance for young people to test their endurance. Day two is the Triathlon. Stay with us both days and get a 20 % discount off your second night.

Lawn Bowling

Our lush green flatlands make Bridgetown a hot bed for lawn bowlers. Tournaments are popular for participants and spectators here during the summer months at the Lawn Bowling Club.

Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Hosted by neighbouring Lawrencetown, the Annapolis Valley Exhibition is a celebration of our agricultural industry. With ox hauls, crafts, displays, plenty of food and rides, it attracts fun-seekers from all over.