Bridgetown Motor Inn | Area Attractions
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Area Attractions

Historic Bridgetown

Nestled along the banks of the beautiful Annapolis River, Bridgetown was first settled by French Acadian migrants during the 1600’s, and was originally named Gaudetville.

The town was renamed Bridgetown in 1821, some 18 years after its first bridge, spanning the Annapolis River, was built in 1803. Bridgetown, which now has a population of 1035, was incorporated in 1897.

A land of rich soil and lush greenery, Bridgetown was an important agriculture base for its early settlers. It remains prime agricultural land today, part of the Annapolis Valley landscape, with bountiful apple and pear orchards.

In the 1700’s Bridgetown evolved into a thriving shipping port, which lasted more than a century. Many of its stately Victorian homes, found along the Historic Cyprus Walk tour, were built when shipping was in its hey-day.

The walking tour itself is named after the Barque, Cyprus, which at 1,091 tons, represents the largest ship ever built along the Annapolis River. The three-mast, square-rigged tall ship was built in 1878 by Abram Young.

Many of these grand homes you will see on the walking tour are along Granville Street, the same street where our Bridgetown Motor Inn is located.

Nova Scotia Area Attractions

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