Bridgetown Motor Inn | About Us
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About Us

About Bridgetown Motor Inn

Nestled Along the Banks of the Beautiful Annapolis River

Originally, the front building was constructed in 1956 as a private residence for Mr. Thomas Alan Beattie (1906-2004). He was then the owner/editor of the Bridgetown Monitor, a local newspaper. Mr. Beattie also served as mayor, town councillor and chairman of the local school board.

In 1974, a new owner (at this time unknown), had the back portion of the property converted to the existing Motel section.

Bridgetown Motor Inn was born.

Through various owners the residence became a reputed restaurant and bar. The reputation of the Bridgetown Motor varies with the stories from the locals and visiting guests. Notorious in its heydays, it has survived for 40 years and is still serving thousands of past and current guests from Nova Scotia to practically every country in the world.