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Nestled Along the Banks of the Annapolis River




We’re pleased to announce the Bridgetown Motor Inn is under new management. With its long and loved history the Bridgetown Motor Inn originated as a private residence in 1956 and expanded into the Motor Inn in the early seventies. Reviving the spirit of this gem is a thrilling project. Stay tuned, check in often or better yet, drop by to see us.


Bridgetown is the hub of the Annapolis Valley. Nestled along the Annapolis River, pastoral landscapes and rolling hills with easy access to the absolute best of what the Valley has to offer, the Bridgetown Motor Inn is an ideal spot for travelers to bunk in. Smack dab in the center of the Annapolis Valley, you are well positioned to explore in every direction:


  • Take a drive out to the wineries of Wolfeville
  • Meander through a farmers’ market for yummy treats
  • Explore the history of Annapolis Royal
  • Delight in the Annapolis Historic Gardens
  • Wonder at the Grand-Pré National Historic Site
  • Spend the day whale watching
  • Hike Canada’s beautiful Evangeline Trail
  • Take in the world-famous Bay of Fundy to marvel at the highest tides on earth
  • Enjoy some famous Digby scallops


These are just a few ideas of how you might spend your time in the Valley …perhaps after you finish some of the splendid outdoor actives this stunning region has to offer:


  • Cycling
  • Birdwatching
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Skiing
  • Golfing.


Oh, and the music, and the art – did we mention the music and the art?! The Annapolis Valley boasts some of the east coast’s most celebrated artists. And, photographers—amateurs and professionals alike—pack your gear because the Annapolis Valley scenery is as stunning as the people are kind.


Make the most of your time in the Annapolis Valley with a stay at the Bridgetown Motor Inn. Come on over and warm yourself at the fire pit and tuck in for a cozy night’s rest and dream about the adventurous days ahead. Our updated rooms will be rolling out over the months ahead. You’ll find a cozy and comfortable stay in our peaceful ½ acre property along Highway 1. Rooms are well off the highway and our guests enjoy a solid sleep. By car, the Bridgetown Motor Inn is 1.5-hour drive from the metropolitan Halifax, 1.5-hours to the International Ferry Service in Yarmouth or 45-minutes to the New Brunswick Ferry from Digby.